URM Multi-fiber connector system

URM - the future-proof Multifiber Infrastructure System for Data center and industrial application

Areas of application are:

Data Center

The connection system URM realized via fiber optic cables constitutes an integral economic factor
and must always remain up-to-date beyond a multitude of technology changes along the way.
To ensure this the best prerequisite is a standard plug system in combination
with a simple migration to 40G/100G.

Investment protection via scalable bandwidth expansion

  • Easy migration from duplex channels to 8 fiber parallel optical channels using special patch cables
  • Plug acc. to DIN SPEC 40032 "Made in Germany"
  • Low follow-up investment costs during operation

Low operation costs and quick payback

  • Intelligent and individualized system components
  • Pre-cabling of nonstandard systems (memory, main frame)
  • Stat-of-the-art cabling system for a safe and quick installation with up to 25% time saved, thus reducing the ensuing installation costsn

Maximum Availability of Crucial Data

  • Lowest insertion loss and full-scale interferometer inspection incl. documentation
  • Individual system solutions tailored to suit the specific customer requirements in the planning and expanding of distribution technology up to the final wiring
  • Service-friendly infrastructure cutting down on downtime and service costs

Industrial Applications

The small footprint of the connector is ideal for integration into industrial connector solutions, where space economy is a key factor. Market segments for integrated URM solutions are: Sensoring, Smart-Grid, Offshore and Energy as well as telecommunication applications with harsh environment housings.

URM-Parameters at a glance

  • Glass fiber plug in modular construction method with up to eight fibers
  • all-ceramic ferrules, spring-loaded
  • metal coupling with all-ceramic sleeves
  • 4 channels per plug (8 fibers)
  • division into 4 individual channels via 2-fold URM plug
  • ferrules machine polished with 100% final inspection on the interferometer
  • low insertion loss
  • high rate of possible plugging cycles, plug doublelock, precise fiber lead
  • direct adaption from MPO to 8-fold plug for 40Gbit applications
  • ideal for 40 Gbit (4x10 Gbit) and 100 Gbit (4x25 Gbit) application
  • accessories for all possible infrastructure requirements