Harsh Environment

Connection Solutions for Harsh Environments

Special conditions require special solutions. In harsh environments, where Fiber optic connection are exposed to crude oil, mud, extreme temperatures, or strong vibrations, our lens connectors EUROLENS, euMicron, and euMacro as well as our ferrule-based connectors eM-VarioConnect and EM-RJ IP67 offer the right solution. Designed for special harsh-environment applications, they are highly corrosion-resistant. In addition, they are easy to install and maintain. They can even be easily assembled in the field. All models can be combined with any third-party cables and can therefore be used anywhere.

Thanks to a beam expansion of the lens system, EUROMICRON’s lens connectors are extremely resistant to dirt and vibrations. Hermaphroditic connectors ensure maximum flexibility when used in the field. With 3,000 possible cycles of operation, EUROLENS, euMicron, and euMacro are especially well suited for connections that require frequent re-plugging, as they are e.g. common in broadcasting or within military environments.

For longer-lasting plug-in connectors, the ferrule-based harsh-environment connectors eM-VarioConnect and EM-RJ IP67 are recommended. They tolerate around 1,000 and 2,000 mating cycles, respectively, and compared to the EUROMICRON lens connectors, they are more cost-efficient, but no less robust. Thanks to their optimum return loss effect, they are above all used in industrial laser applications. Typical fields of application include mining and tunnelling, oil production, chemical and smelting plants as well as container terminals.

Live Broadcasting - Lens Connectors Ensure Uninterrupted Radio Broadcasts

Listeners of the German radio station Deutschlandradio have grown used to experiencing live broadcast events. Many of them do not even realise how fragile the transmission is until the live broadcast is interrupted due to technical problems. To make sure that those problems don’t occur, broadcasters are now using EUROMICRON’s EUROLENS connector system. It replaces the former connector system, which had become too error-prone and, on top of it, was difficult to clean.

To broadcast live from any location, Deutschlandradio is sending out well-equipped broadcast vehicles to places all over Germany. Permanently installed fiber optic cables in these vehicles ensure a smooth real-time data transmission. The unavoidable vibrations and shocks on these cross-country trips represent a special challenge for the OWG technology, however. These conditions call for robust plug-in connectors to make sure that the transmission isn’t suddenly interrupted due to loosened connections.

The ideal solution for Deutschlandradio turned out to be the EUROLENS lens connectors combined with the EUROLENS bulkheads by EUROMICRON. The connection systems could be easily assembled directly in the broadcast vehicle in no time and immediately ensured a smooth transmission of the signals. With many broadcast vehicles nowadays setting up mobile optical fiber connections to the scene of action, the EUROLENS connection systems also provide a future-proof solution: They are perfectly equipped for use in harsh environments such as soggy grounds, rain, or snow.