EUROMICRON GmbH is an established manufacturer of fiber optic technology components, especially of connectors.

In the forward-looking market of the fiber optic technology, passive components are always the link to the end product. Meanwhile, these fiber optic components are therefore found in almost all market sectors.

The accuracy of fit and hence the precision of the components used is primarily defined by the technological structure, the material deployed and flexible design changes. The individual compatibility of the respective parts offers both technological as well as logistic advantages. As fiber optic technology involves the µm to nm range, precision is the essential factor that makes the difference.

Seemingly identical products differ on the highest level of detail. Tolerance values, fitting accuracy and stability factors generate the difference.

Data and network technology

In times of increasing packing densities of existing fiber optic networks - speed, accuracy and stability are becoming a growing decision-making and distinguishing criterion.

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Medical and device technology

Connectors assume a special role in medical technology. As the man-machine interface, they have to fulfil the highest demands and often have to withstand life-critical medical applications.

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Especially the energy and electricity generation industries are subject to electromagnetic interference (EMC).

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Media and Military

Adverse environmental conditions, such as dirt, oil, wind, cold etc. place special demands on the connectors used.

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Networking, measuring, monitoring and controlling are the main tasks in industry.

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