Polishing equipment

Polishing fixtures for SPM2

  • Fixture for 1 connector
  • for description LC/PC, LC/APC, SC/PC, SC/APC, ST/PC, DIN/PC, FC/PC, FC/APC, FSMA/PC, MU/PC, E2000/PC, E2000/APC,
    for ferrule ∅ 1.25 mm, ∅ 2.5 mm

Download Data sheet (1.66MB)

Polishing fixtures for APC8000

  • for 12 connectors: MT/PC; MT/APC; E2000/PC; E2000/APC; EM-RJ/PC; EM-RJ/APC
  • for 18 connectors: ST/PC; FC/PC; FC/APC; SC/PC; SC/APC; DIN/PC; DIN/APC; FSMA/PC; LC/APC; MU/PC; MU/APC;
  • for 24 conectors: LC/PC; MTRJ/PC
  • for 36 connectors: LC/PC
  • for 24 connectors: Ø 1.25 mm; Ø 2.5 mm

Download Data sheet (963kb)

Polishing accessories for APC8000

  • Polishing pads
  • Polishing films

Download Data sheet (359 kb)

Accessories for APC8000

  • Rack for polishing fixtures
  • Assembly desk

Download Data sheet (642kb)


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