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EUROMICRON – OWG Components Made in Germany

Based in Germany, EUROMICRON Werkzeuge GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of connection technology components for fiber optics in Europe. Founded in 1972, the well-established company produces most of its components in Germany, making it one of the few OWG component manufacturers offering a high-quality product range “Made in Germany.”

EUROMICRON produces around four million plug-in connectors and adapters per year, including all conventional OWG connectors. Development and production are particularly focused on components suitable for harsh environments, as they are typical e.g. for mobile radio and TV stations, power plants, chemical and mining industries or the military sector. Another focus is on mechanical precision bores performed according to customised specifications, as in aperture masks for optical cable ducts. On demand, EUROMICRON can also deliver any OWG connectors in modified form, as for medical applications, for example.

EUROMICRON’s connection technology components meet highest standards and are used worldwide: Be it data, communications, laser, measuring, or automation technology – EUROMICRON products can be found in numerous applications. Our customers benefit not only from high-quality manufacturing, but also from our unique EUROMICRON connector concept: All connectors are designed in such a way that the same connector is used for the various cable diameters and versions (simplex/duplex). Only the crimp sleeve and boot vary. This saves storage costs and enhances flexibility. The wide colour selection for the boot (kink protection) furthermore permits a simple and low-cost coding process. And thanks to the EUROMICRON packaging concept, even the environment benefits: All connectors are delivered, neatly arranged, in special protective boxes, which can be returned to EUROMICRON for recycling purposes.

EUROMICRON GmbH is a dependable and solid partner integrated in the high-growth and profitable euromicron Group (AG) – a listed company with a medium-size business structure focused on further market penetration, internationalisation and expansion. What is more, the high availability of all products is ensured through a multifaceted distribution network.