Standard Connectors

Standard Connectors of the Highest Quality

Besides sophisticated custom-made solutions, EUROMICRON also offers all standard OWG connectors of the highest quality, of course. We develop, manufacture, and deliver all standard connector systems: Our portfolio includes LC, SC, ST, FC, and DIN connectors, as well as connectors with metal ferrules for special fibers or connectors, adapters and other accessories for FSMA connection systems (laser and high-power connectors, among others). We therefore provide high-quality solutions for typical OWG connections needed in industrial or medical technology, in data centres or for FTTH or FTTD routes.

You need a standard connector in a modified version? EUROMICRON takes care of that right away, too. Thanks to our high-precision mechanical manufacturing processes, we can always offer you solutions that comply with standardised requirements while also meeting your individual needs exactly.

Our Finger on the Pulse of Life - Innovative Solution Helps Fight Cardiac Arrhythmia

Cardiac arrhythmia is nothing unusual. In intensified form, however, it is one of the most dangerous diseases. One possible trigger is when false electrical impulses are sent to certain parts of the heart tissue. In such a case, one of the therapies is the so-called catheter ablation. During this process, the tissue sending the false impulses is ablated (destroyed) so it can no longer send any impulses. Ideally, the heart will then start beating regularly again.

For this challenging and often life-saving intervention to succeed, the laser technology of the ablation catheter must meet highest specifications. EUROMICRON had an important share in finding a solution for this. The OWG component specialist delivered high-quality FSMA connectors for RytmoLas, an electrode-laser catheter by LasCor. These components make sure that the laser beam is correctly coupled into the optical waveguide, thereby allowing a smooth surgical procedure. In addition, EUROMICRON developed a Makrolon®-based distributor to serve as a guide for OWG and communication cables, as well as a jetting hose.

The FSMA connectors manufactured for LasCor feature visible modifications of the standard version. The connectors are longer than conventional FSMA connectors, which ensures an especially stable installation of the OWG. To allow laser device and laser catheter to be easily connected and detached again by hand, the hexagon union nuts customarily used for fastening were replaced by knurled-head screws. From a technical point of view, the delicate procedure can be prepared perfectly in just a few easy steps. EUROMICRON delivered the same connector model for another two of LasCor’s laser catheters: TransLas, developed for punctures of the cardiac septum, and SensoLas, used for examinations of the oesophagus.