Precision Bores

Customised Precision Bores

You need a precision bore based on customised specifications to implement your OWG connection? No problem. Thanks to our high-tech machinery and our superbly trained employees, we guarantee we can implement all your wishes. And nearly without restrictions. EUROMICRON, after all, could drill a hole into a hair: We can drill holes of any size 50 micrometres or bigger. Surface treatment, bore sizes and angles can be specified down to the nanometre level.

Another plus: Your custom-made solution always remains affordable. That is because we perform precision bores not by laser, but rather mechanically. Some of our drills are so fine they are hardly visible to the naked eye. This type of mechanical work is right at the edge of what is mechanically possible. As our customer, you benefit from this – as well as from our high vertical range of manufacture: From the planning, to the design and the final manufacturing stage – EUROMICRON is your one-stop solution provider.

Chasing the Dark Energy - Aperture Masks for Space Research

The so-called dark energy is one of the biggest mysteries of astronomy. According to a theory by the US astrophysicist Michael S. Turner, it counteracts the effects of gravity, thereby causing an accelerated expansion of the universe. While this expansion has meanwhile been proven – the researchers involved were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 2011 – no experiments have as yet confirmed Turner’s dark energy hypothesis. At the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics in Potsdam/Germany, researchers are now trying to find proof of the anti-gravitational force. Using measurement data obtained by the Hobby-Eberly telescope in Texas, they determine the position and speed of galaxies, gathering evidence for the existence of dark energy. EUROMICRON is part of this exciting project. As a provider of OWG connection systems, EUROMICRON manufactured aperture masks for optical fiber ducts, which connect the telescope with the astronomical measuring instruments. A total of 33,600 optical fibers is used. Their exact and regular layout determines the precision of the measurements.

After a three-month coordination and development phase, EUROMICRON was able to deliver the aperture masks exactly according to the specifications. Following a pre-defined grid, 440 mechanical bores between 128 and 170 micrometres in size were drilled onto each nine-by-nine-millimetre mask. A specifically designed machine program ensured the precision of the bores and the exact adherence to the grid specifications.